Arabic Games 2022

About Arabic Games Conference

The Arabic Games Conference is a celebration of games and interactive experiences designed by Arab creators in the Arab world.
Get access to resources in Arabic, as well as professional advice, and learn how to advance your game.
Build your career in game development and find your next job!
Meet like-minded creators and make friends along the way.

Participating Communities


Chat With A Pro

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Chat with a pro and learn how someone solved a tricky problem you’re facing, or level up your game dev skills in a one-on-one call with whoever has the experience to answer your questions, be it in code, art, music, design, story, and more!
[To chat with a pro, you need to fill a form after booking your free ticket]

Portfolio CV Review

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Join our CV and portfolio review to see what the pros think about your CV and what you can do to fix it. Get personalized answers as to how to look more attractive to the HR in your dream companies. Sign up now, below!
[To book a review, you need to fill a form after booking your free ticket]

Game Showcase

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You’ve been working on your game for a while and you’re proud of it. It’s time to share it with the world. Show it off at the Games Showcase in front of industry professionals and gamers. Deadline: Friday 14th, October.
Watch Last Year's Showcase

Meet The Speakers And Mentors

Some of the regions' best veterans have gathered for AGC this year and will be streaming talks, sharing their experience and insight. Don't miss them!

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